Create a Profitable Personal Brand & Become an Industry Leader

  • You are missing out on an opportunity to monetise your expertise as you constantly receive messages from those who want to start or grow a business in your field & you end up giving your knowledge away for free

  • You are fed up being frequently asked to speak at local events for no fee, and know that the value you are adding for the audience is huge

  • You have won an award(s) in your field. The recognition is fantastic however you feel lost as you don’t know how to capitalise on the momentum

  • You have been featured in a small publication & have recognised the huge value in 3rd party validation but you feel frustrated as you have no idea how to secure national press which will catapult your success

  • You are actively posting on social media & you receive engagement on your content but you are feeling hopeless as none of your audience is converting

  • You are watching others in your field monetise their offerings & feel resentful that with your knowledge, expertise & success you don’t have a more visible profile

  • You are feeling called as your personal story is powerful & the adversity you have overcome has provided you with insights that you feel you are duty bound to share

  • You are investing time & resources into building your brand as an entrepreneur & aren’t seeing a return on investment. You are lacking direction & you are unsure where all of your hard work is leading

  • You are frustrated in your corporate job & have a business idea you would like to pursue. You are unsure how to transition and monetise your current skills & communicate your expertise to an audience

  • You feel undervalued with what you are currently offering clients given your expertise, knowledge & experience. You know that with visibility & social proof you can command what you truly deserve

  • Or maybe you have a successful business but with none of the above & you know that capitalising on your story & personal brand NOW will fast track your success

Can you relate to any of these?'ve came to the right place

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  • You no longer feel frustrated that you are missing out on untapped potential and income as you have designed a product, course or programme that is perfect for your audience 

  • You design your schedule, choosing when & where you will speak and you only say yes to opportunities that you are either paid for or given the opportunity to speak to your target audience

  • You win more awards, and receive them with pride & confidence knowing that you will capitalise on them with PR, Social Media & grow your revenue as a result

  • You no longer have any small publications displayed on your website, your ‘Featured In’ section consists of national, industry publications that represent you as the leader that you are 

  • You spend less time on social media, only posting value driven, brand building authority content & you have seen a 10X in your conversion rates 

  • You are so excited to be in the same league as the other influencers in your field, collaborating & creating together. You no longer feel a ‘lack’ & know where you are, is truly where you are meant to be

  • You receive the phone call to come to your National TV studio, they have identified you as a role model & have selected YOU to share your message to help others

  • You have developed a product which enables you to monetise your opportunities & you have a clear strategy. You finally see the reason behind all of your hard work & dedication!

  • You have an unshakeable belief that leaving your corporate job is the perfect next step for you. You are certain on the skills you can bring to your new clients, your offering is clear & it’s ready for launch.

  • You have been featured in all of the industry press, offering your expert knowledge with the nation. You have truly stepped into your own & the word ‘discount’ is no longer in you or your clients vocabulary

  • Thank goodness you looked ahead,  you were ahead of the curve & took full advantage of the resources available to you. Just look where you are now...

This is SO possible for you...

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Hi, I’m Liv Conlon

Through my own journey of launching numerous 7 figure businesses with zero budget, I’ve developed a signature process that took me from unknown to Multi Award Winning & the Nation’s Top Entrepreneur, enabling me to market myself & services to a global audience

Are you wondering how I did it?...Once I started to cultivate the power of building my personal brand, my success skyrocketed. My story went viral, I won 10 awards in 12 months & I was invited to speak on international stages

Not only did my reputation & influence grow, but the revenue followed & it continues today.

If you want to build a personal brand that positions you as a thought leader & provides you with limitless opportunities & income potential, it is so possible for you...

...the power of visiblity


Raise Your Profile 

4 Month Private Coaching & PR Programme designed to

Raise Your ProfilePosition you as a Thought Leader & Monetise Your Brand

I have been where you are... that's why I created RAISE YOUR PROFILE....

THIS IS A UNIQUE PR & 1-2-1 Coaching Programme that offers so much more than just fast tracking your way into the press, it incorporates, Social Media, Speaking Events & Awards.


It’s your 4 month accelerator working with experts committed to getting you COMFORTABLE being VISIBLE and EXCITED by the opportunities this can bring!

We will accelerate your credibility & achieve external validation that will propel your personal brand and business.


By increasing your visibility you will be recognised as the expert by your ideal clients & other influencers in your space.  

We actively shape your brand to ensure maximum impact on your audience & monetise it in the most effective way.

Receive opportunities that other people who are successful aren’t offered!

The Strategy


Targeted outreach to journalists and influencers in your sector

 A laser focussed social media plan that will grow your audience, reach & influence

Speak at Industry events to position yourself & create thought leadership

 Build your credibility through recognition of awards

The Programme


Capitalise on our momentum with the launch of your new programme, course or product


 Strategy Video + Implementation Call Sessions with Liv & PR Manager

10 Hours of PR Work

Access to Modules, Video Walkthroughs to  ensure our time together is productive

Access to Liv & team via Email for Support & Urgent Press Enquiries

This program is by application only – and space is limited!
Click the button below to schedule your no-obligation application call.