"She had over 200 business people, politicians and local dignitaries laughing and crying in equal measure with her personal history of hard work, determination, ambition and the passion"-

Andy Aird, FSB Chairman

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Bullying: Bullied schoolgirl to £1m businesswoman at 20


Living with bullying from a very young age was Liv’s reality...bullied for just being different & good at what she chose to do, she tells the story of how she used her bullies to fuel her success. In a moving, heartfelt and at times really funny talk, Liv delivers a powerful message & call to action for people of all ages how to forge meaning & gain strength from our biggest struggles.

Social Media: Growing a 7 Figure Brand through Social Media


Liv is a master at this, having built her business ThePropertyStagers in a record time organically through social media.  Building your social platforms and organic reach is the foundation to scaling a 7 figure brand/business. People prefer to buy from a brand they think they can trust, and trust is built on awareness.


Liv has created this by using her unique story, connecting with her audience, keeping it real & talking to them human to human. This creates your brand’s strong social presence, AKA social proof, which helps to build trust, reach, and brand popularity, all of which ultimately drive sales. Liv has been able to leverage her personal brand to build her £1m business.

Personal Brand & PR: How to Build an Internationally Recognised Personal Brand

The question is no longer IF you have a personal brand, but it’s if you choose to cultivate it or let it be defined by others. Liv is strategic about her personal brand & that of her clients but this doesn't mean she’s not human, on the contrary, being authentic is her strong suit! A strong personal brand can yield tremendous ROI whether you are promoting yourself as THE brand or your company and is dependent on a strong narrative, in other words sharing your story.


Liv’s story is compelling, leaving school at 16 & building a £1m brand in her teens, travelling the world speaking internationally and winning 10 national & international business and entrepreneur awards…and…all before she was  21-years-old.

My Journey from Unknown School Leaver to 7 Figure Business Owner at 19 


Not many people can say they’ve started two successful businesses from scratch, built a £1m brand in their teens, travel the world speaking internationally and won 10 national & international business and entrepreneur awards. And even fewer people can say they’ve done all that – and so much more – before they were 21-years-old.


CEO & Founder Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, tenacious and entrepreneurial to her core left school aged 16, beat the odds & turned her vision into a profitable reality. Liv now uses her own success & experience and her obsession is  helping entrepreneurs leverage their expertise to become industry leaders & monetise their personal brand.  

Liv often pops up on TV & radio as an influential young entrepreneurial expert and has spoken (regularly appearing on BBC News and ITV) about building a 7 figure brand at a young age, overcoming bullying, and how she went from being a completely unknown 16 year old to an Industry disruptor & leader.

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Liv is a very accomplished speaker and was a great asset to our event. Her thorough preparation for the event meant she understood the needs of the audience and her speech was perfectly suited to the tone of the event. She is a confident and professional speaker but also shows her personality and her vulnerability. We had excellent feedback from our audience following Liv’s speech and many people left feeling inspired and confident which is what the event was all about. Liv’s honesty about her own journey and her willingness to share her experience in both business and life more widely make her an excellent choice as a speaker.


Lindsay Reid, Founder, Body Confidence Live

Liv is a young women with a tremendous clarity of vision, her business acumen is way ahead of her years. Behind this is a solid work ethic and relentless stamina. An inspiration to many. 


Mike Bain, Asia Pacific Regional Quality Lead

Listening to Liv reignites your passion & leaves you not only inspired to make a difference but with practical stories, tips & tools for you to put that inspiration into action.


Helen Salt, Employability and Enterprise Coach for SLC

Liv recently spoke at our event for 200 young aspiring entrepreneurs. She truly engaged the audience, not only with her inspiring story but also with her advice on growing a successful business through social media. 

Liv’s talk was the highlight of the day for many of our attendees; she is a real inspiration for budding business owners!


Danielle Murphy, Events and Campaigns Manager at Enterprise Nation

Over the last five years it has been my privilege to watch Liv Conlon develop a unique skillset that has enabled her to grow a £M business, become a professional business mentor, an accomplished motivational speaker, win multiple awards and help budding entrepreneurs fulfil their potential.

Last year she agreed to speak at the Federation of Small Businesses annual dinner and as FSB National Young Entrepreneur of the year she had over 200 business people, politicians and local dignitaries laughing and crying in equal measure with her personal history of hard work, determination, ambition and the passion she needed to be taken seriously as a young female entrepreneur. 


Andy Aird

Scotland Group Chairperson FSB

Sales & Marketing Director: Concierge Vehicle Solution Limited.

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