• Liv Conlon

Why NOW is the time to Build an Authentic Personal Brand

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

In this blog , founder of The Thought Leader Method™, Liv Conlon details why NOW is the best time to start building your personal brand. Liv dives into what personal branding is & why it is so important in your industry whether you are an entrepreneur or you have a corporate career. Personal branding is the ONE tool that helped Liv reach 7 figures in her business & she explains how leveraging her story took both her profile & business to the next level. If you are thinking of building your personal brand, Liv shares her 5 Golden Rules to Building an Authentic Personal Brand that feels aligned & represents your core message.

What Is Personal Branding?

Should I be building a Personal Brand right now?

I personally believe that there has never been a better time, than right now, in 2020.

Why do I feel that way? It's a crowded marketplace no matter what business you're in right now. Whether it's coaching, financial services, or home staging; whatever business you're in. There's a lot of noise out there in the world, and particularly online.

So, this question is now becoming more prevalent but also how to differentiate yourself.

How do you stand out from someone who is offering a similar service or product?

If you can hack this now, you're setting yourself and your business up for so much success in the future.

What I love about personal branding is that it doesn't discriminate; we all have the opportunity to build a personal brand. We've all got a phone and that connects us to our audience via social media. It’s also so important when it comes to building a reputation in your corporate career, especially if you're looking to move up that ladder or gain promotion.

At it's core Personal Branding is building your reputation. It's what people think of you.

I love the quote:

"Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room" -Jeff Bezos

However, what I've noticed is that not everyone's personal brand is developed to be a strength.

Personal branding is a way to create limitless income potential.

A personal brand is a lifetime investment, but it has a lifetime return.

You may be thinking, I don't need Personal Branding.

You may think 'I’m not a Kardashian, a footballer or celebrity' but every entrepreneur, and every person with a career or a job actually needs to start building their personal brand.

This couldn't be summed up better:

“You have to be your own brand. Here's what it takes to be the CEO of ‘Me’ Incorporated. Regardless of age, regardless of your position, regardless of the business we happen to be in; all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies ‘Me’ Incorporated, and to be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called ‘You.”

-Tom Peters of the Fast Company

How Personal Branding Has Impacted my Business

I have been unconsciously building a personal brand since the age of 16, when I launched my business The Property Stagers.

I wasn't always the way I am today, I was the person that posted on social media once per year to change my profile picture.

I didn't want to be seen. Nonetheless, I quickly realised the power of personal branding when I took to social media and started to share more about my personal journey, my age, and why I'd started the business.

It was the ONE reason that my business reached 7 figures through organic social media

"I was that person that didn’t want to be seen. Nonetheless, I quickly realised the power of personal branding when I took to social media and started to share more about my personal journey, my age, and why I'd started the business."

The Biggest Mistakes I see When it Comes to Personal Branding

1. An Unclear Social Media Profile: What is their intention? What is their business? Core message? Their vision?

2. Their Zone of Genius is EVERYTHING: They're an expert in nothing because they are an expert in everything. This is when you see a profile and they mention they’re a speaker, a coach, an author, a podcaster, a dancer, a singer, a business owner, a social media expert; you really need to niche down and choose what you're going to become the thought leader in and what your personal brand is going to stand for.

The 5 Golden Rules of Personal Branding

1. Your Zone of Genius

For me, I own an Internationally Recognised Home Staging Company, I am a Thought Leader in that Industry.

But I also have the knowledge & expertise to coach on Personal Branding because that is the tool that I use to build my 7 Figure Home Staging brand & Personal Brand

What subject do you have unique knowledge in? Do you have a unique point of view? What is it that you are a Thought Leader in?...This is your zone of genius

Hone in on what that is and get really clear about it.

2. the purpose of your brand

Why does your brand exist? Who are you talking to?

We all have a unique set of experiences and passions, trying to look like everyone else's brand removes the personality out of your OWN personal brand.

The core element to your personal brand is YOUR personality.

With every piece of content, ask yourself, does this educate, empower or entertain?

3. Consistency

We all have an international audience at our finger tips via the online web.

But keeping consistent, sharing valuable content with your audience is the CRUCIAL element to success.

Showing up daily is the main battle.

Every week, my team produces three blogs and two podcasts, while I'll also share content with my social media audience daily. It's challenging (and that is with a team!)

So, if you're starting out and you're just yourself, stick to one thing per day.

Set yourself a goal to put at least one social media post out per day, maybe a quick two-minute video. Keep up to date with your audience but make sure you aren't feeling overwhelmed with overcommitting on what is deliverable.

Just make sure that when you’re building that personal brand, you’re not over extending yourself and not achieving the consistency, because the consistency is the thing that's going to get us to where we need to go.

4. create key relationships

Everything in business comes down to personal relationships

Especially when it comes to building your personal brand, the secret is in the word PERSONAL. Does your audience feel like they really know you?

Have you built 'know, like & trust'?

Some of the easiest ways you can implement this into your brand today: ask your audience what they want to know, engage and respond to all of your DM's and messages. The key is to make them feel valued & heard.

5. Be Authentic

It's very easy to get caught up in what others are doing, and trust me I've been there.

The key thing to remember is that your story is completely different to mine.

You can't copy someone else's Personal Brand...you aren't them!

My favourite example of this was when I was featured in a magazine as a rule breaker. I was on the right-hand side of the magazine; an 18-year-old seven figure entrepreneur. On the left-hand side of the magazine, the person I was featured next to was an 84-year-old ballet dancer.

We could not be farther apart in age. We're completely different people with completely different skill sets. But we both have successful personal brands. It goes to show...embrace & share your own story...

Being you is your ultimate power.

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