• Liv Conlon

How to Capitalise in the midst of COVID-19 with your own Home Staging Business

The world seems to be changing every day for billions of people as COVID-19 continues to infect more people. Many businesses are on their knees and that, unfortunately, includes those of us involved in the property market. As so many take stock of their personal financial situation in attempt to get their own house in order over the growing uncertainty, every business owner is looking to keep their head above water in order to survive until this is all over.

As I mentioned on my most recent blog over at ThePropertyStagers a natural by-product of this crisis is that far fewer investors and prospective home buyers will be ascending the rungs of the property ladder for the foreseeable. The consequence for those looking to develop and sell property is obvious as well. With no market to appeal to, owners will be holding off on listing properties and there will be very little movement on the market on all fronts. This, however does provide an opportunity for anyone who has ever taken an interest in moving in to this industry.

Indeed, I would suggest that this is THE time to start a Home Staging Company.

When this pandemic ends and the property market reinvigorates, the home staging industry could prove to be a lucrative market, compared to opening your doors 12 months ago.

Of course, you might not be able to open the doors to your business this second, but you will be able to open other doors which will be of vital importance when things do kick off…which they will!.

So, what can you do now?

Make Connections Virtually

With many working from home, now is the perfect time to make connections online with real estate agents. Starting to build relationships with people in the property industry now will serve you moving forward, ensuring that you’ll be the first business they think of when any of their clients wants their property staged. You can help each other in the long run.

Set up for Success on Social

This one sounds basic, but again there won’t be another period where you’ll have as much time on your hands to set up your social media accounts. And to support you through this, I've actually just created my ultimate Social Media Checklist which I'm giving to you today FREE.

Think hard carefully how you want your staging business to be perceived online and how to make it stand out from others. Use this opportunity as the foundation of a brand that you’ll be able to grow over the coming year.

Educate Yourself

Most importantly, now is the time to educate yourself. Delve into a course about how to build your home staging business and learn from someone who has mastered the business. The only way to set yourself up for success is by absorbing information and being educated by someone who has been there and done it. You can literally condense decades of learning into days with the SBA course!

So many Home Staging companies large & small aren't going to be able to ride out this wave. Why? Because they haven't set up a sustainable business model. I truly believe a large part of our success is due to the systems & processes we have put in place to sustain our business throughout these difficult times.

I share all of my 7 Figure Home Staging Business secrets in my SBA online course, it is literally a 12 week course that walks you step-by-step through every detail from systems to marketing. It's perfect for you whether you are starting out or optimising your Home Staging Business

Just some of the modules we cover are: Pricing Your Services, Branding, Systems, Marketing, Social Media & more!

As I truly believe there is no better time to start a Home Staging Business than right now, I want to support you in your decision to take the leap today & to be SET UP & ready for when the property market reinvigorates.

I'm offering a 50% discount for the next 14 days for those of you that want to capitalise on the opportunity ahead of us.

You can claim it here (valid until April 9th)

Liv xo

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