• Liv Conlon

5 Reasons Why Winning Awards will Supercharge Your Business Success

You may have witnessed other businesses in your industry winning awards, or you may have been approached by associations to apply for an award, but you are wondering is it worth it? What will it do for our profile? And most importantly, will it impact our revenue or audience growth?

The short answer is yes.

I had the exact same questions as you.

Fast forward 12 months & we have won 10 awards nationally and internationally as an Entrepreneur and my company ThePropertyStagers. In that short space of time, so much has happened.

We have been featured in the largest UK publications & International publications, we have been featured on TV, Radio & I have created additional income streams such as being paid to speak on International Stages & monetised my expertise through the creation of online courses & coaching.

However, it all started with an award win.

I’ll always remember the first award we won, it was the LEA ‘National Best Product Award’. At the time I never truly grasped how pinnacle that one moment was for us

It was the first stepping stone to 7 figures…

But why does winning awards help grow your business & profile?

1. Winning an Award places you as a Thought Leader

Awards can raise the credibility of your company, its brand and products. Being recognised

as the top company or individual in your field doesn't only instantly position you as a leader, it increases the demand for both potential clients & collaborators looking to work & be associated with you.

2. Social Proof & Third Party Authority Trumps ALL

Winning an award is direct third party authorisation to crown you as the best in your field. This builds trust with your audience, with many of your potential clients researching your company & credentials before they consider working with you.

"97% of consumers say online reviews impacts their purchasing decisions." -OptinMonsters

3. No Hype Required

Posting an award win onto your social media profile will not only spike engagement & traffic to your pages (algorithm friendly-YES!), but it is the perfect opportunity to market your success in a humble manor, sending an extra bit of love to your clients, team & everyone who made this possible for you.

4. Free PR

Often when you win, the organiser of the awards may have invited journalists to attend the awards or will have an interview for you lined up. If this isn’t that case, contact your local press who are keen to feature you in their publication as a local award winner. If you want to take advantage of the feature, be sure to post it across your social media profiles!

5. Glammed up

Attending the awards, isn’t only a great social media opportunity but an amazing opportunity to network with other award winners & people of influence. Before attending be sure to look online at other nominees, identifying those you would like to make a connection with. Remember your business cards & your speech prepared!

Have you won any business awards? I'd love to know!

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