Want to Build a Profitable Personal Brand & become the Thought Leader in your Industry?

I have been asked a thousand times to release the exact strategy I have used to build a 7 Figure Business & Personal brand in just a few years COMPLETELY organically & IT'S HERE!!

…we have been able to unlock the exact formula for this and we’re ready to help make this your reality...

  • You no longer feel frustrated that you are missing out on untapped potential and income as you have designed a product, course or programme that is perfect for your audience 

  • You design your schedule, choosing when & where you will speak and you only say yes to opportunities that you are either paid for or given the opportunity to speak to your target audience

  • You win more awards, and receive them with pride & confidence knowing that you will capitalise on them with PR, Social Media & grow your revenue as a result

  • Your ‘Featured In’ section consists of national, industry publications that represent you as the leader that you are 

  • You spend less time on social media, only posting value driven, brand building authority content & you have seen a 10X in your conversion rates 

  • You receive the phone call to come to your National TV studio, they have identified you as a role model & have selected YOU to share your message to help others

  • You have an unshakeable belief that leaving your corporate job is the perfect next step for you. You are certain on the skills you can bring to your new clients, your offering is clear & it’s ready for launch.

  • You have been featured in all of the industry press, offering your expert knowledge with the nation. You have truly stepped into your own & the word ‘discount’ is no longer in you or your clients vocabulary

I can tell you with complete certainty that with PBA this is possible. We’ve successfully done this for ourselves. If you bring the work ethic, I’ll bring the strategy.

It’s time to step into your next phase of growth and expansion.

It all starts with this decision...

The Personal Business Accelerator is an 8-week programme designed to show you How to Build a Profitable Personal Brand by positioning yourself as THEE Industry Expert

Created by 10 times Internationally Award Winning & The UK Young Entrepreneur of The Year, Liv Conlon, the brains behind the 7 Figure home staging company ThePropertyStagers,


PBA is one of THEE most comprehensive and advanced Personal Brand Growth Programs online. Whether you have already won an award, achieved some press coverage or just starting out, this program will cover every strategy you need to know and implement in order to hit your goals.


When it comes to building a huge personal brand & monetizing it Liv knows her stuff. Going from completely unknown in an industry that was in its infancy in the UK at the time to now being Internationally recognised. Her company has won 10 awards and have a huge following, she is finally lifting the lid on how she done it & how you can do it too


From their specific marketing that brings in over 7 figures per year for this business to the formula for building & monetizing a hugely successful personal brand there’s not a single element left uncovered in this 60 day accelerator.


There is no other programme like PBA anywhere. Not only is relevant to EVERY industry/sector but all methods are PROVEN & have been implemented in building a 7 figure brand in a short number of years. The content has been designed so you can learn & implement these strategies in your own time, by walking through the step by step process

Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur & Speaker

Through my own journey of launching numerous 7 figure businesses with zero budget, I’ve developed a signature process that took me from unknown to Multi Award Winning & the Nation’s Top Entrepreneur, enabling me to market myself & services to a global audience

Are you wondering how I did it?...Once I started to cultivate the power of building my personal brand, my success skyrocketed. My story went viral, I won 10 awards in 12 months & I was invited to speak on international stages

Not only did my reputation & influence grow, but the revenue followed & it continues today.

If you want to build a personal brand that positions you as a thought leader & provides you with limitless opportunities & income potential, it is so possible for you...

“BUT Liv is already so established, she has won lots of awards, been featured in the press, of course it’s easy for her, it’s not going to happen for me…” 


I built a 7 figure business with no start up funds & no experience. When I embarked on building my personal brand I only had 1000 followers

So it's more than possible for you...

We’ve tested our personal brand & marketing strategy countless times and here’s what we know: it works! Whether you’re just starting out or already have a public, just bring a commitment that you’re ready to scale and let us work our magic

  • You are missing out on an opportunity to monetise your expertise as you constantly receive messages from those who want to start or grow a business in your field & you end up giving your knowledge away for free

  • You are fed up being frequently asked to speak at local events for no fee, and know that the value you are adding for the audience is huge

  • You have won an award(s) in your field. The recognition is fantastic however you feel lost as you don’t know how to capitalise on the momentum

  • You have been featured in a small publication & have recognised the huge value in 3rd party validation but you feel frustrated as you have no idea how to secure national press which will catapult your success

  • You are actively posting on social media & you receive engagement on your content but you are feeling hopeless as none of your audience is converting

  • You are feeling called as your personal story is powerful & the adversity you have overcome has provided you with insights that you feel you are duty bound to share

  • You are frustrated in your corporate job & have a business idea you would like to pursue. You are unsure how to transition and monetise your current skills & communicate your expertise to an audience

  • You feel undervalued with what you are currently offering clients given your expertise, knowledge & experience. You know that with visibility & social proof you can command what you truly deserve

  • Or maybe you have a successful business but with none of the above & you know that capitalising on your story & personal brand NOW will fast track your success


Will PBA work if I don’t yet have any profile?

PBA outlines all the processes for either starting the journey to raising your profile or if you already have a profile scaling & monetizing it.

How much time do I need to commit?

We suggest committing 2-3 hours weekly. PBA is completed on your own time, so feel free to complete each module at your own pace. You’ll get out what you put in. A new module will be delivered to your inbox each week, with Modules 1 available immediately when you purchase the course

How much does PBA cost?

Right now, we’re offering $1000 off as an early bird bonus discount, so you’ll be able to lock in your spot at $1997. Not ready to pay in full yet? Invest in 2 instalments of $1099 over the timeline of 8 weeks

What will I learn?

In PBA we give you all the tools to set up your profile, explode your social media presence & encourage potential clients to engage your services PBA provides actionable, step-by-step processes and strategies that I have used to grow a 7 figure business. This ensures you’re on the right track to grow and monetize your business. This isn’t your average “here’s a checklist of what you should do,” we go in-depth on how to build your brand, attract paying clients and make money. This is the exact steps I continue to use to grow to a 7 figure brand enlisting new raving fans every week. The real magic of PBA lies within the clarity, confidence and powerful direction you’ll feel once inside the program - that to us, is priceless.

What marketing & personal brand experience do I need to take the course?

None at all! Our course is incredibly easy to navigate. We will teach you everything from set-up, positioning and execution!

Do I need money to build this?

No! So many of the strategies I teach can be implemented with little to no investment.

How is PBA Different to other Personal Brand & Marketing courses?

Personal Brand Accelerator is a proven method to raise your profile & build a profitable personal brand. We use and apply these same methods daily to build a 7 figure brand & reach global audiences We (literally) practice what we preach and don’t just teach you how to grow your audience, but how to properly productise & monetise Unlike other programs, PBA let’s you fast track the trial & error phase of trying to build a personal brand. We give you very detailed, actionable instructions to help you grow and monetize the moment you begin the first module.

Will PBA work if I don’t have a business?

Personal Brand Accelerator will help you raise your profile even if you don’t have a program or product to sell, however our programme is tailored for those who are building a personal or business brand To get the most out of the course, we suggest you either want to monetize your page in the future or are ready to sell programs or products now.

Do I need to be tech savvy to take SBA?

Absolutely not! WWe have made PBA SUPER EASY to follow, with videos & PDF workbooks for every module. Everything we teach around creating online profiles & presence are on screen walkthroughs that you can pause & work through at your own pace

Will PBA work if I want to build a Business Brand instead of a Personal Brand?

Yes it will. Everything we teach in PBA is the exact strategies we used to build a 7 figure Business Brand. The ideologies & strategy are applicable to both Business & Personal Brands no matter the industry


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