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Learn how to grow or start your staging business in this FREE ONLINE 90-minute training with ThePropertyStager CEO, Liv Conlon


AKA... Liv is sharing the exact strategies she used to scale a 7 figure home staging business by age 19 ORGANICALLY

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ThePropertyStagers CEO,

Liv Conlon


✅You are thinking of starting a home staging business but don't know where to start


✅ You already run a Small Home Staging Business but you’re not sure how to turn it into a THRIVING one


✅ You're not sure how to attract your IDEAL clients who see the value of staging and are willing to PAY you for your services 


✅ You're willing to put in the work to grow your business, but you need a clear PROVEN strategy to follow


✅ You have a passion for property styling and real estate but you’re not sure how you are going to make a CAREER out of it


✅ You want to follow a career path that gives you flexible work hours and can earn you a 6 FIGURE income

Hey you!


For the first time ever, I’m sharing the exact strategies I used to scale my Home Staging Business from 5 to 7 figures in an industry that didn’t even exist at that time…


and you’re invited!


In this 90 minute training session, I’m going to share with you unrivalled strategies that aren’t just theory, but are proven strategies I used! Yes, you are in for a treat! 😜 Get ready to leave with a clear step by step guide to build a 6-figure-brand


If you know that having an audience who understood the power of staging & who are excited to work with you, would completely change your business or help you start it, you can’t afford to miss this training


So this isn’t my first rodeo- my last training on Growing your Home Staging Business filled up before we even put it on social. So trust me when I tell you, spaces are limited! We’ve been able to extend the capacity of the room by a few thousand, so I’m pretty confident you’re going to be able to get in, but just to be sure please come 5-10 minutes early.


What do you need to bring? A notebook, questions & an open mind! Prepare to get scribbling hundreds of notes because I am going to be sharing with you never seen before content! But the exciting part is you can implement everything you learn literally hours after the training.


While I’m here - I’d love to share with you the fact that we haven't spent a penny on growing our audience. We scaled to a 7-figure-brand completely organically. And the best part.. 


It’s possible for you. 


This isn’t rocket science. Your success is just around the corner of this training, with a clear strategy & consistent action. 


See you there?


Liv x 

Ready to find out exactly how to Start or Build a 6 figure Home Staging Business?


In this free training Liv is going to share the secrets with you of how ThePropertyStager's scaled to 7 figures in an industry that was in its infancy!


Learning how to target your ideal client online & offline is vital for every home staging business, regardless of stage or size. If you've not cracked the code yet, it's time to implement the right strategy & start filling your diary with hundreds of staging installations!

In this 90 minute training session, you are going to learn: 


This framework helped us to scale to over £1m in sales and  in a short timescale...

  • How to Master Offline Relationships which will 10X Your Business Growth 🤝


Offline is just as important as online, learn how we established key relationships which contribute to a high number of sales


  • How to Create a Supercharged Content Strategy that attract clients who are dying to work with you 

You'll see 3 types of content, that helped us scale organically from 5 to 7 figures. This is the only social media training anywhere online that is relevant & proven to work in this industry


  • Be seen as the Go-To Expert in Your Area & Niche 🚀

Define your message & unique value, you'll not only figure out how to find it, but how to own that space online & offline


  • The Entire Step by Step Method to Grow a Profitable & Scalable Home Staging Brand 👣

You'll learn how Liv did it for her company & has helped so many other clients to build 6 & 7 figure home staging companies

This framework helped us to scale to over £1m in sales and  in a short timescale...

Having built a 7-figure brand just after a couple of years in business, we took notice of every element that contributed to our success in an industry that was in its infancy


This is what we teach


We gathered everything that we learned & structured it into a strategy to enable us to use it to continue scaling our own Home Staging Business. We wanted to replicate this to help others build the same success, initially in the UK to build our national industry & now internationally


We’re helping so many Home Staging Business Owners gain clarity around where they are currently & where they want to take their business and those where it is just an idea


We share the HOW


Trust me, I understand feeling:


  • The frustration when you feel like no one understands the power of Home Staging

  • Receiving incredible feedback on your interiors online but nobody ACTUALLY paying

  • The stress of waiting for enquiries instead of knowing how to actively chase them 


We're going to address all of this and help you focus on what is really important! 


I am completely lifting the lid off of the strategy I used to scale to a 7 figure brand when I was 19! Which means it’s TOTALLY possible for you!


Come prepared to change your life!


Hear from some stagers who have implemented this training!




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