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Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is a speaker, entrepreneur, a leader in the Home Staging Industry & in leveraging that expertise to build & monetise a personal brand. She’s the founder of ‘Personal Brand Accelerator’, a platform that supports entrepreneurs going from unknown to Industry Leaders. She grew her company from scratch to the 7 figure business it is today and she teaches others how to do the same.


Tenacious and entrepreneurial to her core left school aged 16 & first business ThePropertyStagers. At 19 she built a £1m brand in an industry that hardly existed- so Liv knows a thing or two about building a scalable internationally recognizable business & personal brand. She beat the odds & turned her vision into a profitable reality.


Her obsession? Showing you how to scale to an internationally recognizable business & personal brand. Whether you are currently under the radar in your industry & want to become the industry leader, or you are at the top of your profession & want to monetise your personal brand by coaching others in your field. Her experience in producing these results for herself in a very short space of time have culminated in her sharing these secrets with you.

Liv often pops up on TV & radio as an influential young entrepreneurial expert and has spoken (regularly appearing on BBC News and ITV) about building a 7 figure brand at a young age, overcoming bullying, and how she went from being a completely unknown 16 year old to an Industry disruptor & leader.

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